Team Information

Location: Taunton, MA

A National Record winning team that is made up of Juniors from the Taunton Wolfpack Junior rifle team. It is a coed group of elite athletes that comit to work and perform like Champions. I pride the TMU as a team that thinks on their feet as do they perform using their skill and mental toughness.

Contact Information

External Website:

Head Coach: Kevin Winters

Phone Number: 5088468844

Range Information


Recent Results

Match 23 Feb 2019

Air Rifle

3x20 (PSK)

Sat, 23 Feb 2019

2018 CMP 3P AIR RIFLE Massachusetts State Champion

Air Rifle

3x20 (PSK)

Sun, 09 Dec 2018

Match 06 Dec 2018

Air Rifle

60 Standing

Thu, 06 Dec 2018

Orion for Clubs C240 bundle