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Introducing Athena: The World's First Affordable Electronic Scoring Target

The future of competitive shooting is with ESTs. This is clear. Up until today, though, the ESTs on the market have had one undeniable flaw - they are far too expensive for local clubs, schools, and junior rifle programs. Athena is a game-changer for the shooting sports. For the first time, entry- and intermediate-level athletes will be able to enjoy the benefits of immediate scoring and spectator appeal made possible by an affordable EST. - Erik Anderson Ph.D., Chief Architect

Athena Changes Everything

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  • First Affordable Electronic Scoring Target
  • First Internet of Things (IoT) enabled EST.
  • First 10m system with Red and Green lights.
  • First EST target with instant score verification.
  • First EST System fully compatible with the Reconfigurable Rulebook standard.
  • First 10m EST System designed and built in the United States.
  • And even more innovative technology, yet to be announced.

Watch the Introduction to Athena Web Event Recording

Athena Product Line

NC100 Target

EST Target for Air Rifle and Air Pistol

Includes target lift and backstop for air gun


Athlete Monitor for indoor ranges.

Touchscreen user interface.


Spectator Display Module.

(TV's sold separately)

NC200 Target

EST Target for Air Rifle, Air Pistol, and 50ft Rifle

Includes target lift

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Due to overwhelming demand there is an approximately 2 month lead time on orders.
Visit About Athena or read our Athena FAQ to learn more.

Athena for Clubs Pricing

$1600 per Firing Point Package:

  • NC100 EST for 10m

    or the NC200 for 10m and 50ft Rifle

  • DoW100 for indoor ranges
  • Target lift for NC100 or NC200
  • Air gun backstop for NC100

Available Options

  • MM100 Spectator Display Module: $200
  • Athlete stand with custom engraving: $300
  • Pre-installed Windows laptop with Orion: $1400
  • Power cables: $50+
  • Casters for the NC100 or NC200: $40
  • TVs and wall mounts for MM100: Multiple options available, call for pricing.


Athena for Clubs requires additional network hardware, including WIFI router and access point, and a server for communications management. Starts at $1700 per range.

Coming Soon: Athena at Home

  • Intended for the individual athlete training at home. Fully Internet enabled. May be purshaed with a DoW100 or without. Without a dedicated DoW100 monitor, athletes will be able to view their shots and scores from any web-browser, including their computer, tablet, or mobile phone.