Team Information

Location: Reseda, CA

Area 11 Competition Results Page for Individual Area unit matches and Area 11 Championship Matches.

Contact Information

Head Coach: Donald Urquidez

Phone Number: 949290 1647

Current Area 11 Air Rifle California Coordinator

CDR Donald Urquidez

Reseda High School NJROTC

18230 Kittridge ST

Reseda, CA 91335

(818)758-3600 or 3750

Range Information

Area 11 NJROTC High Schools or rented facilities when available


League Record


Team Name




National Air Rifle League NJROTC - Champions Division

Hawthorne NJROTC

1 - 6

26 Sep-20 Nov 16

3x10 (PSK)

National Air Rifle League - Navy Sporter - Distinguished Division

Area 11 NJROTC

9 - 0

05 Oct-22 Nov 15

3x10 (PSK)

Orion's Series of Virtual Matches: BB Gun