Team Information

Location: Reseda, CA

Area 11 Competition Results Page for Individual Area unit matches and Area 11 Championship Matches.

Contact Information

Head Coach: Donald Urquidez

Phone Number: 949290 1647

Current Area 11 Air Rifle California Coordinator

CDR Donald Urquidez

Reseda High School NJROTC

18230 Kittridge ST

Reseda, CA 91335

(818)758-3600 or 3750

Range Information

Area 11 NJROTC High Schools or rented facilities when available


Recent Results


Air Rifle

3x20 (PSK)

Sat, 02 May 2015

Area 11 NJROTC Marksmanship Championships Virtual

Air Rifle

3x20 (PSK)

23 - 24 Jan 2015

Hawthorne shootout at the OK Corral

Air Rifle

3x10 (PSK)

Sat, 17 Jan 2015

The American Legion 2014 - 2015 National Postal To

Air Rifle

3x20 (PSK)


Orion's Series of Virtual Matches: Air Pistol