James Madison AJROTC

Represents: James Madison High School AJROTC

Current Record: 3 - 4

Season Average: 1232.11

Game Score: 1224.3

Dallastown Area MCJROTC

Represents: Dallastown Area High School MCJROTC

Current Record: 0 - 5

Season Average: 0.00

Game Score: 0

James Madison AJROTC (1 - 0) 1224.3 defeats Dallastown Area MCJROTC (0 - 1) DNS

Competition Recap

James Madison AJROTC Defeats Dallastown Area MCJROTC

In an undisputed contest, scoring 1224.3 points, James Madison AJROTC defeated Dallastown Area MCJROTC. With the win, James Madison AJROTC is in tenth place overall and eighth place within their 'Jrotc' conference. They currently have a 1 - 0 record. James Madison AJROTC was led by, James Rodriguez who shot a 327.7. The remaining contributing members were Dylan Mangus, Kaden Harris, and Brandon Scanlon. James Madison AJROTC is from San Antonio, TX, and is coached by LTC Scott Koast.

Dallastown Area MCJROTC currently has a 0 - 1 record. After the loss they are in twelfth place overall and tenth place within their 'Jrotc' conference. Dallastown Area MCJROTC is from Dallastown, PA, and is coached by Matthew Corwin.

Next up James Madison AJROTC will compete against West AJROTC from Denver, CO. West AJROTC currently has a 1 - 0 record. While Dallastown Area MCJROTC will compete against Marion AJROTC from Marion, IN. Marion AJROTC currently has a 1 - 0 record.

Box Score: http://www.orionresults.com/team/GamePage.aspx?MatchID=1.1.914327031.1

James Madison AJROTC team page: http://www.orionresults.com/team/LeagueTeam.aspx?TeamID=1173

Dallastown Area MCJROTC team page: http://www.orionresults.com/team/LeagueTeam.aspx?TeamID=1170

30 Sep-06 Oct 19

Rank Participant Region ST 1 ST 2 ST 3 ST 4 Team
1 James Madison AJROTC San Antonio, TX 318.5 324.8 298.0 283.0 1224.3
Rodriguez, James (103) 84.4 80.4 83.5 79.4 327.7
Mangus, Dylan (102) 88.4 88.1 82.4 60.7 319.6
Harris, Kaden (101) 70.9 78.0 70.1 73.7 292.7
Scanlon, Brandon (104) 74.8 78.3 62.0 69.2 284.3

30 Sep-06 Oct 19

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