Team Information

Location: West Fargo, ND

Contact Information

External Website:

Head Coach: Rob Sailer

Phone Number: (701) 356-0677

Range Information

RRRMC is a Membership owned indoor shooting range located in West Fargo, ND. Facilities consist of two ranges located on the property with separate entry lobbies.

The handgun range is a 15 lane, 50ft handgun caliber. Any handgun caliber is allowed whether shot in a handgun or rifle. Rim fire handguns and rifles are also allowed.

There also an 8 lane air gun range with 3 position shooting capabilities. The air gun range doubles as a class/meeting room with whiteboard, sink, tables and chairs. There is a small class/meeting room. Both rooms are available for rent.

The rifle range is an underground 6 lane, 100 meter rifle caliber. Specific rifle calibers are not allowed. 3 lanes have target returns, 3 lanes have electronic targets.

Both lobby/reception areas have flat screen TV’s, soda and snack vending machines. The coffee pot is always on in both lobbies