Burnet County 4-H Fall Classic AR Standing

Air Rifle: 60 Standing

This is a virtual match with multiple hosts and locations.

Burnet County 4-H

Contact Guy Taylor at 512-755-6772.

01 Oct-01 Dec 20

Marble Falls, TX

C. T. Johnson High School AJROTC

Contact Thomas Groggett at 2102402729.

01 Oct-01 Dec 20

San Antonio, TX

Competition Preview

The Burnet County 4-H Rifle team invites you to compete in the Burnet County 4-H Fall Virtual Championship. There will be four categories offered. 3-Position Small Bore, 3-Position Air Rifle, 60 Shot Standing air rifle, and 60 shot prone small bore for 4-H Juniors (3-5th graders). This match is open to all school aged shooters actively registered and participating in a 4-H rifle program and ROTC students registered in and attending a school in Texas. Membership and attendance will be verified. All shooters must have a certified coach and program according to the Rules of 4-H and ROTC. This match is created to offer shooters opportunities to compete and to take the place of the live matches cancelled due to Covid-19 epidemic. All matches must be shot observing social distancing, school ROTC , and 4-H heath regulations, Local and State regulations. .

The proceeds benefit all the Burnet County 4-H Programs

Participants will shoot as four (4) member teams or as individual shooters. No shooter may be a member of more than one team.

ENTRY: Entry fee is $10 per individual per event. There is a $10 charge per team. 4-H Clubs and ROTC units may enter as many teams and individuals as they wish. They must be from the same organization. Entry forms and fees are due October 1st, 2020. Checks should be made payable to Guy Taylor, and mailed to:

Guy Taylor

601 CR 123-A

Marble Falls Texas 78654

FIRING PERIOD: Match shooting may occur anytime between October 1st, and November 30th, 2020. All targets and Firing Report must be postmarked by November 30th 2020. Failure to return targets by the date indicated may result in disqualification. Teams with the Orion scoring system may score their target and submit scores electronically. Since this is a virtual match there is no national record available.

TEAMS: There will be three team awards. Teams will consist of four (4) shooters named during registration. Team scores will be taken from the 3-Position Air Rifle, and 3-Position Small Bore, and Prone 4-H Junior individual scores. You must shoot individual to have your score counted as a team. You may shoot on more than one team but can not shoot for more than one organization (Example, you can shoot on a 4-H Team 3-P Smallbore and air rifle team but not any other organization team). Only junior may shoot on the junior teams.

COURSE OF FIRE Air Rifle: Air rifle firing will take place on a standard 10-meter range measured from firing line to target. The 3X20 course of fire in small bore and air rifle will consist of 20 shots in each of the Prone, Standing, and Kneeling positions. Only Orion 50 feet SB or 10-meter AR 10-bulls-eye target will be used for each position. One shot per bull allowed. Unlimited practice shots (sighting shots) are allowed during the sighting stages but they must stay inside the sighting oval. Any shot outside the practice oval will count as a record shot on the target. (First shot outside the scoring ring must be reported to the range officer for dismissal). Smallbore must be shot on the standard 50-foot firing line.

COURSE OF FIRE Small Bore: 3-Position Small Bore 3X20. If you have the targets you can combine all the time. If you need to adjust targets shoot it in three sections according to the times allotted for each position with a 5-minute change over period. Times include sighting shots. Junior shooting prone will have 20 minutes to shoot each stage of two targets. 6 targets or three stages total Time includes sighting shots.

3-Position Small Bore (NRA Smallbore Rules)

20 Min for 20 shots prone including siting shots

5 minutes change over

30 Min standing including siting shots

5 minutes change over

20 Min kneeling including siting shots

3-Position Air Rifle, (National Standard Air Rifle Rules)

8 Min Prone Preparation and Sighting

20 Min Prone Record Fire

5 Min Changeover to Standing

5 Min Standing Sighting Time

25 Min Standing Record Fire

5 Min Changeover to Kneeling

5 Min Kneeling Sighting Time

20 Min Kneeling Record Fire

The air rifle match and all conditions will be governed by the CMP’s 2019-20 National Standard Three-Position Air Rifle Rulebook and the NRA Smallbore Rules.

4-J Junior match 60 Shots all prone. (NRA Smallbore Rules)

3 stages of two targets per stage. 20 minutes for 20 shots per stage allowed, including sighting shots.

Standing 60 Shots Air Rifle. (National Standard Air Rifle Rules))

8 Min Standing Sighting Time

25 Min Standing Record Fire for each 20-shot string.

5 minutes for each target change

(If you do not have multiple targets frames to shoot all three positions at once you may add 5 minutes to change target position in addition to the change over time.)

TARGETS: Because the match will be scored by computer using the Orion Scoring System, special targets will be used that are created by Orion Scoring Systems. Specially labeled, Orion-compatible targets will be mailed to all registered teams that do not have their own Orion System. Be sure and let the match director know that you need targets. Shooter’s information will be on the label that will be printed through the Orion system and placed on the targets for you. In an effort to save postage and time, if you have an Orion System you can shoot on your own Orion targets and upload them to the Burnet County Virtual Match.

If you have your own Orion System and you wish to score your own targets you will need to send me your Orion account number and club name so I can add you to the match after I receive your payment.

SCORING: Targets will be scored by Orion Scoring System only; other than the Orion created label, targets will not be marked or “plugged” in any fashion by participating team. Any alteration of targets may result in disqualification of the individual/team. Qualified judges will score all targets upon receipt at Burnet County 4-H using the Orion system. Named team member scores will be added for team aggregate. You will be able to view your targets through the Orion Results Link.

BREAKING TIES: In case of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be based on the greater number of inner 10s shot in all three positions. If the tie cannot be broken by inner tens, the second tiebreaker will be according to the highest score in the last 10-shot series fired, then the next to the last 10-shot series, etc. If the tie is still not broken, the third tiebreaker will be by comparing shots on a shot-by-shot basis, beginning with the last shot, then the next to the last shot, etc. In a shot-by-shot count back, inners tens are considered at a higher value than a ten.

AWARDS: Team plaques will be awarded to ROTC teams and 4-H in each 4-H categories). Awards will be awarded one for every five participants in each category in each event. Individual shooters are not eligible for team awards but are eligible for individual awards. Teams must be in the same 4-H or ROTC club eligible by residential requirements. No pick up teams allowed. Teams will receive plaques, one for every five teams entered.

RESULTS: Match results will be posted on Orionresults.com web page and awards will be mailed to participating units as soon as possible after scoring and tabulation of the results have been completed.

Point of contact for this event is:

Guy Taylor, Burnet County 4-H

601 CR 123-A

Marble Falls, Texas 78654




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