South Effingham NJROTC at Kofa MCJROTC

Air Rifle: 3x20 (PSK)

This is a virtual match with multiple hosts and locations.

Orion Scoring System

28 Nov-04 Dec 22

Kofa High School MCJROTC

28 Nov-04 Dec 22

Yuma, AZ

South Effingham High School NJROTC

28 Nov-04 Dec 22

Guyton, GA

Competition Recap

South Effingham NJROTC defeats Kofa MCJROTC

South Effingham NJROTC defeated Kofa MCJROTC 2183.8 to 2121.3 last week in the National Air Rifle League Sporter Invitational Tournament. South Effingham NJROTC was led by Ryton Ekern who shot a 560.3. The remaining contributing members were Asa Alderman, Andrew Haldenwang, Alexandra Littlejohn, and Vincent Amster. They are from Guyton, GA, and are coached by Terry Stautberg.

South Effingham NJROTC is competing in the Champions Division where they are the 10th seed.

Kofa MCJROTC was led by Christian Gerardo who shot a 534.4. The remaining contributing members were Hannah Daniels, Carlos Soto, Alayna Pallanes, and Lucia Arellano. Kofa MCJROTC is from Yuma, AZ, and is coached by Todd Birney.

Next up South Effingham NJROTC will compete against Saint Thomas Academy from Mendota Heights, MN in the Sporter Invitational Tournament semi-final game.

Box Score:

South Effingham NJROTC team page:

Kofa MCJROTC team page:

28 Nov-04 Dec 22


Individual - Sporter

Rank Participant Region Prone Standing Kneeling Individual
1 Ekern, Ryton (102) Guyton, GA 201.7 168.5 190.1 560.3
2 Alderman, Asa (103) Guyton, GA 196.9 173.7 181.3 551.9
3 Haldenwang, Andrew (106) Guyton, GA 201.7 146.4 187.9 536.0
4 Littlejohn, Alexandra (108) Guyton, GA 197.3 155.9 182.4 535.6
5 Gerardo, Christian (108) Yuma, AZ 192.1 154.9 187.4 534.4
6 Daniels, Hannah (105) Yuma, AZ 198.3 155.1 179.2 532.6
7 Amster, Vincent (101) Guyton, GA 188.2 165.6 177.6 531.4
8 Soto, Carlos (115) Yuma, AZ 188.6 157.6 184.6 530.8

Team - Sporter

Rank Participant Region Prone Standing Kneeling Team
1 South Effingham NJROTC Guyton, GA 797.6 663.7 741.7 2183.8
2 Kofa MCJROTC Yuma, AZ 769.5 638.0 742.3 2121.3

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